Our profession

Core compentencies

Composed of more than ten communication and video professionals in Geneva and its vicinity, CARAVAN GUIDES YOU and accompanies you throughout your project.

Our multidisciplinary team works just as well on the ARTISTIC CREATION SIDE of a project as on its TECHNICAL ASPECTS, with a great understanding of each specific technology.

Thanks to the skills of our project managers, directors, artistic directors, cameramen, editors, graphic designers and sound engineers, we offer CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS to suit at best your needs.


For the past 15 years, we’ve surrounded ourselves with a network of specialized professionals and loyal partners who have been chosen for their knowledge and reliability to assure you a PRODUCTION OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY for your project.

Thanks to more than 15 years of experience, we’ve obtained the necessary know-how and a strong yet flexible work ethic. Step by step, we work with you on your project to respond to your needs as best as possible.

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Audiovisual knowledge, formats, technical processes, archiving, image rights
Know-how Conception, scenario writing, storyboard, filming, editing, DVD authoring, graphics, composting, retouching
Experience Management of high-end projects (industries: watchmaking, biotech, finances, sport, city...)
Direction of production and post-production
Network of experienced professionals
Projets/Clients Follow-up of a project, consultancy, market analysis, customer services , communication, coordination
Innovation Artistic trends, brainstorming, latest technologies, new media

Our values

OUR VISION is to build A TRUSTWORTHY RAPPORT with our various clients and partners.

We strive to provide a high quality service and sustain excellent relationships with our clients. We are privileged to work with a devoted group of professionals who honor team spirit and open communication.


Our team and network is composed of film professionals who have experience and a recognized know-how. From shooting to post-production, we use the latest digital technologies to guarantee an aesthetic and irreproachable quality.

Thanks to our knowledge in art and graphic design, we see the big picture of films, always in keeping with the world of your brand.

& aesthetic


We guarantee the client to produce their project from conception to distribution, delivering a product that corresponds to their expectations. We create and direct your project with consistent communication, throughout the entire production of your film.

Availability & flexibility

Constant availability and responsiveness to potential challenges characterize the spirit of the Caravan team. We will consistently inform you of the evolution of your project, and will remain entirely open to listen and react to your needs.