November 2017

For the celebration of Jack Heuer 85th Birthday, TAG HEUER is launching a new AUTAVIA model.

Caravan had the privilege to produce two commercials (30'' and 15'') and a series of photos for the social media network   

January 2017

Caravan is proud to have contributed to the Rolex packshots displayed when Federer and Nadal were changing sides.

January 2017

Caravan Productions is proud to announce that its brand new studio located near its main office in Geneva is ready for your shootings.

By using a fully automated motion control, Caravan hold one of the most effective studios in film luxury products (watches, jewelry, etc.) with the most up-to-date camera (4K, 6K, 8K).

December 2016

Caravan Productions is proud to present a collection of 5 videos to illustrate TAG HEUER "Don't crack under pressure" campaign.

These intense "Stress Tests" are illustrating the shocks and vibration caused by the intensity of a race or moments full of adrenalin as well as the effects the watch’s resistance to water and air pressure.

October 2016

In recognition of his achievement of having created and led the team that returned the Auld Mug to Europe for the first time in its 150-year history, Alinghi’s Ernesto Bertarelli was inducted into the America’s Cup Hall of Fame in a ceremony at the historic New York Yacht Club, Friday 21stOctober.

Caravan Productions contributed to this event by producing an emotional 7 minute movie illustrating the most important moments of the Alinghi history.

August 2016

To celebrate 40 year of the «Happy Diamonds» collection, Chopard requested Caravan Productions to produce 6 animations in stop motion to reinforce its 360° media campaign.

By using the iconic elements and the main values of the happy Diamonds collection (Happy, Fun, Joy, Bold, Sparkling) these animations met a lot of successes through the main social network (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube etc) and on various events.


September 2015

Cyrus, an independent watchmaker with its own factory, commissioned us to film its limited edition “KLEPCYS ALARM" watch. The shoot took place at our studio in Vernier, equipped with a Motion Control system, and the footage was filmed in 4K with an RED Scarlett camera.

August 2015

Making three promotional films, "Vitesse", "Force" and "Coordination", for the SportQuest training gym, a hi-tech sports centre created by 4 sport professionals in central Geneva. 

July 2015

To launch its new marketing campaign in 2015, PREGLEM SA, a leading pharmaceutical company in the field of gynaecology, called upon Caravan to make several advertising spots as part of a 360° campaign for the web, social networks and several European TV channels.

June 2015

As part of the Elite International Tournament organised by Rugby Seven at the Stade du Bout du Monde in Geneva, Caravan was commissioned to shoot footage of this major tournament featuring over 30 international teams. A promotional film will be made for the Olympic Games in 2020.


June 2015

The MUSEE DU LEMAN DE GENEVE (Lake Geneva Museum) commissioned Caravan Productions to manage images for the Fondation Piccard and to create a web interface for professional agencies and TV channels to order archive images from the Foundation. Alongside this, Caravan Productions provided the MUSEE DU LEMAN DE GENEVE with a lightweight audio-visual content digitisation station to capture, convert and store the material currently recorded on VHS and DVD.

May 2015

Having been won over the creativity and professionalism of the Caravan Productions team, the FONDATION INTERNATIONALE GCSP (Geneva Centre for Security Policy) decided to mark their 20th anniversary by commissioning Caravan Productions to produce their institutional film. To make this film, we shot interviews and several conferences featuring representatives of governments from all over the world, and filmed superb aerial images by drone.

April 2015

The ECOLE HOTELIERE DE LAUSANNE hospitality school decided to appoint us again in 2014 and asked Caravan to make 2 new films to promote the new "Master in Global Hospitality Business". These two films show the students’ enthusiasm and the unique advantages of this high-level course designed to train future leaders in the hospitality business. Filming took place on the premises of the ECOLE HOTELIERE DE LAUSANNE and in London.

March 2015

For the second year in a row, Rolex commissioned Caravan Productions to create animations and short films about the new watchmaking innovations on display at “Baselworld 2015”, the most famous watchmaking and jewellery exhibition in the world.

These films and animations were mainly used to train sales teams in the history and special features of the innovations presented at the Baselworld 2015 exhibition, and were a great success for Rolex.

February 2015

GIVAUDAN SUISSE SA chose Caravan for the multi-camera shoot of the company’s quarterly management conference. Filmed in Geneva and mainly shown on Givaudan’s Intranet site (webcast), the conference was used to strengthen internal communication within the company.

January 2015

Following on from our productions for them in 2014, UBP chose Caravan to make over 15 films for UBP-TV. This concept includes interviews, testimonials and reports, which will be finalised over the course of 2015 and shown on the web and the main social networks.

December 2014

H&M placed its trust in the Caravan crew to make several films for their event "H&M 2015 - Kick off meeting". Filmed in Geneva and Zurich, then at the event in Berne in January 2015, Caravan brought together all these productions, which were distributed at various branches of H&M in Switzerland.

November 2014

Following a call for tenders, the ECOLE HOTELIERE DE LAUSANNE hospitality school chose Caravan Productions to make a promotional film about the new "Master in Global Hospitality Business". This is a unique, high-level course - involving 3 Universities (Houston, Hong Kong and Lausanne) on 3 continents - designed to train future leaders in the hospitality business.

October 2014

UBP bank commissioned Caravan Productions to make several films, including a film about UBP for their annual roadshow in 2014, and to make 3 advertising spots. The production was managed entirely by Caravan, from concept to finalisation.

September 2014

Caravan made two promotional films about the quality of a product named Ti-Pure, a revolutionary titanium-based paint developed by DUPONT. These films, shot in Germany and Egypt, are used by DUPONT in their commercial relations and at international trade fairs.

September 2014

To successfully launch its new identity in 2014, GIVAUDAN, the world leader in the fragrance and flavour industry, called upon Caravan to make 5 films about its new branding and its impact at the level of each department in the company. Filming took place at Givaudan’s two main centres, Zurich and Geneva, and the films were translated into 11 different languages, before being screened simultaneously at all of Givaudan’s branches worldwide. 

August 2014

PREGLEM, a Genevan startup that successfully launched ESMYA, a revolutionary new drug in the field of gynaecology, commissioned Caravan to direct a moving film about the drug’s history and its incredible success in a medical field where progress had ground to a halt for the past 20 years or so.

July 2014

Oprah Winfrey and HARPO Studios, based in the United States, chose Caravan Productions to film the "Super Soul Sunday" show in Switzerland. An amazing talk show where the guest star was author Paolo Coelho, interviewed by the incomparable Oprah Winfrey. Thanks to Caravan Production’s carefully planned shoot and a crew of around 20 technicians, the show was completed and aired in prime time on ABC Network.

June 2014

For the 100th anniversary of the LA PIERRETTE SA company, Caravan devised the concept and produced a 5-minute corporate film that showcases the company’s unique know-how and extraordinary expertise in high-quality stone manufacturing for the watchmaking industry.


May 2014

Shooting footage of the Bol d’Or on Lake Geneva for the 10th year in a row.

April 2014

Caravan Productions won the “Imagine Geneva” competition launched by GENEVE TOURISME & CONGRES, and made two films to promote the city of Geneva to foreign customers. These two films, "Genève International - Capitale de la Paix" and "Genève - Berceau de la Haute Horlogerie", were a huge success and were shown on the Web and social networks, as well as at many international 

March 2014

Having won the call for tenders launched by Banque Cantonale Genevoise (BCGE), Caravan Productions was commissioned to make a 3-minute film about the bank’s investment philosophy. By mixing 3D images and graphic animation, Caravan was able to bring real added value to this film, which is used for in-house training as well as customer relations.

February 2014

To mark the worldwide cinema release of the film “Rush”, directed by Ron Howard, about the F1 rivalry between Niki Lauda and James Hunt in the 70s, the Tag Heuer company commissioned Caravan to produce and direct a documentary about the watch brand’s involvement with the world of Formula 1. Our crew travelled all over Switzerland to interview many people including Alessia Regazzoni, Jean Campiche and Jack Heuer, who tell us all about this fantastic period of history. Concept, filming, post-production, subtitles in 10 languages and distribution in cinemas worldwide.

January 2014

To create the event at the Genoa Boat Show (Italy), Rolex commissioned Caravan Productions to produce a 360° panoramic film that immerses the audience in the atmosphere of the starting line at the Farr 40 yacht world championship. Filmed in August 2013 in Newport (Rhode Island - USA), Caravan put on a great performance by making a film showing the countdown of the last 5 minutes before the start of the race. There is suspense and palpable tension on every boat as they try to get this regatta off to the best possible start. The film was made to highlight the features of the Rolex Yachtmaster, a professional watch designed for the world of sailing and regattas.