Caravan Productions is proud to present a collection of 5 videos to illustrate TAG HEUER "Don't crack under pressure" campaign. These intense "Stress Tests" are illustrating the shocks and vibration caused by the intensity of a race or moments full of adrenalin as well as the effects the watch’s resistance to water and pressure.
A quick overview of our latest video procuctions. Enjoy!
Caravan Productions is proud to present a collection of 3 videos produced for TAG HEUER "Don't Crack Under Pressure" campaign. These amazing videos are illustrating the amazing "Stress Tests" that all watches are undergoing once the assembly is complete : watertightness, air pressure, waterproofness, etc.
Excerpt of an animation made for Givaudan's AGM.
Pour la promotion de leur nouveaux parfums, Caravan a réalisée une animation pour Dolce & Gabanna. Diffusion interne.
The Geneva Industrial Union – 100 years

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